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Yumø - Echelon EP

Release Date: 21 May 2011
Label: YFH Audio

"YUMØ is the culmination of everything new and young within modern day music. An ambition for self driven electronica coupled with his determination to be different has resulted in an artist who doesn’t look to follow or replicate, opting instead to create his own niche in an ever crowded market. Its these very traits that made him the perfect candidate for YFH Audio’s first release, slated as a free download for May 21st. The Echelon EP features six tracks from within the Yumø labyrinth, all complimenting one an other in a bass and funk infused harmony. “I’m inspired by a lot of shit from hip hop, club music, electronic, jazz, Pacific percussion and my tribal roots” he told us in an interview late last week, further explaining “Even the weather can help shape the sound of something I could be thinking about”.

The first track on the EP, Yumøcean, combines favorable vocal sampling with pulsing white noise, beautiful percussing and a saxophone centerpiece, making for a track that would sit as suitably in a jazz bar as it would a nightclub. Moving on to ‘Midnight Social’, one really starts to get a feel for the direction of the EP. A combination of pitch shifted percussion and ambient elements culminate in a well constructed piece of audio even the most placid would struggle to sit still to. ‘Purple Lady’ offers a similar vibe with a unique twist, before ‘Shotta’ comes in with a flurry of hi hats and a kick thicker than a Kardashian, putting a 2am spin on the whole release. As if to bring it all back to reality, ‘I Woke Up In The Pacific’ uses a quirky synth and tightly placed drums to serenade listeners, before the insanely blissful ‘Smokescreen’ submits them into an audible sense of well being."


01. Yumø – Yumøcean (Original Mix)
02. Yumø – Midnight Social (Original Mix)
03. Yumø – Purple Lady (Original Mix)
04. Yumø – Shotta (Original Mix)
05. Yumø – I Woke Up In The Pacific (Original Mix)
06. Yumø – Smokescreen (Original Mix)

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