wtorek, 30 grudnia 2014

Bsd.u ‎– [Late Night Bumps 3]

Release Date: 26.12.2014
Label: Radio Juicy

Last year we discovered bsd.u a 21 year old beatmaker from Victoria, British Columbia in Canada. We were very impressed by his first releases like the late night bumps or his lighter case tape. So we're really glad to be able to bring you his 3rd installment in the Late Night Bumps series and we thought it would be the best Holidays gift we could offer you! The eleven rare and exclusive beats make a fine tape with chilled beats and smooth melodies that provide the unique sound of bsd.u. Enjoy this digital tape while waiting for our releases next year as we have many gems planned. 

1. ooo 00:54
2. miles. [no.where] 00:58
3. pyramids 01:04
4. muju style 01:06
5. ah. [ _quicky] 00:59
6. crystals 01:30
7. cup.noodles_ 01:31
8. within [ft. tkdwn] 01:24
9. the G.O.D. 01:19
10. hoodie weather 02:04
11. _and.i.smoke 02:01

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