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V.A. – Fármaco EP

Release Date: 15 October 2012
Label: Cicuta

"Welcome to the 12+1th reference of Cicuta Netlabel. After the hangover of the anniversary, we returned to the pitch to offer your free monthly techno ration. This time, we wanted to make a tribute to Spanish techno, so well that getting outside our borders, and which you have been listening to in earlier releases.

Start the EP with Victor Martinez, a classic of the north dance floors. After some early netaudio stage, appearing on labels like Offaudio or Antiritmo, he has managed to reach great heights in the European scene, releasing on labels like Pohjola Records or Dynamic Reflection. He is currently focusing on two projects, his own label (Psychoskunk Recordings) and his aka (Error Etica), developing a deeper and more visceral side.

We continue with Bran Lanen, this time under his aka Lifeblood. Bran is one of our fetish artists, and listening to his music is impossible not to get him to our releases. Under this pseudonym going to find more experimental music and thoughtful than usual, as a never ending tunnel...

Then we again have Jaume Muntsant, better known as Hermético, one of the most important artists of the Spanish netaudio scene, with years of experience and thousands of works behind. Manager of Inoquo netlabel, of the blog Oir Para Creer, partner in Intangible23 radioshow... his career speaks for itself...

Another artist who returns to Cicuta is Hecrom, whose appearance in our tenth reference caused a sensation among ourlisteners. This time not disappoint, as it brings us a track on the same line as above, deep, powerful, super mental ...

As a new appearance, we have Hector Oaks from Madrid, young artist who is making his way on the national scene. Having published in several national and foreign labels and passed through clubs as Danzoo, reaches Cicuta to show us his vision of techno.

Finally, and as always, from Drugstore close the EP with its own theme. Here we bring you a slower track, reminiscent of Detroit sounds, hope you like...

Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel."

01.Víctor Martínez - Convex
02.Lifeblood - Program
03.Hermético - Wild Track
04.Hecrom - Arcturus
05.Hector Oaks - BOT 10243
06.Drugstore - Airplane

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