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Giuliano Rodrigues - Zohar EP

Release Date: 15 October 2012

"The Netaudio Label Gleichtakt Records was founded by
Alexander Senge on August 17. 2009. With the Motto "music are feelings, don't
pay for feelings" our artists present you their music. Because our music
represents our feelings and we want to share them with you, regardless of your
financial situation. All works will be released in MP3 under the Creative
Commons License. Gleichtakt Records supports new and young talents.

The sound

of Gleichtakt Records stays mainly within the Minimal range. But other genres
also get the opportunity to release on Gleichtakt Records. On special releases,
genres like Trance and Techno will be released."

#1   Apogeu
#2   Levelness
#3   Rocinha
#4   Zohar

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