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Telephobia - You Must Feel Strange

Release Date: 09 August 2013

You Must Feel Strange finds the 22 year old multi-instrumentalist continuing to delve deeper into acoustic and electronic expression simultaneously in his second Oligopolist release. 
The songs often mimic the physical space in which they were first conceived, creating a context for both sources (natural & electronic) to blend cohesively. 
Inspired by leaving home, a cross-country move, late night walks in an unfamiliar neighborhood --You Must Feel Strange captures the feelings of excitement, nostalgia, optimism, and homesickness, that are inexplicably linked to exploration.

1. Part I: Siempre 01:03
2. Climb 02:23
3. Lava Lamp 04:36
4. Hushmeow 03:05
5. Part II: Sideways 01:04
6. You Must Feel Strange 02:13
7. Come Down (From There) 03:29
8. Heron (Ft. Studenets) 02:12

Music written and recorded by Colin Fien // TELEPHOBIA
Mastered by Parker and Quinn
Art by Jack Scally IV

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