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Placeholder - Under EP

Release Date: 01 July 2013

Under' is the second release and Hush Hush debut from Placeholder, the alias of 17 year-old, North Carolina-based producer Alex Cooper. 

The follow up to his 2012 debut release 'Brother' on UK label Space Hardware, 'Under' surprises and delights with caution and restraint. Muted, calm, and introspective, 'Under' reveals the most fundamental structures of Placeholder’s style. Often deep, never identifiable or comprehensible, and always beautiful, voices guide the listener through four original tracks. Without words, Placeholder communicates emotions both impotent and grand, brought together by a pensive mood that invites feeling to flow into thought.

1. Under 04:04
2. Nettle 03:59
3. Feel Better 05:31
4. Theoretical Love 04:06
5. Feel Better (Wanda Group Concentration Version) 08:06

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