czwartek, 8 sierpnia 2013

Orson Throb - Some Everyday Things

Release Date: 06 August 2013
Label: Deep In Dub

Hi peoples, how are you ? ... everyone is on vacation? Well, enjoy your holidays... 
I'm glad to present you this special album by Orson Throb !!! 
this album contains as many as 8 tracks, almost floating from dubtechno softer ambient dubtechno to a much more rhythmic and syncopated structures. 
Sounds hot, very hot, to listen with air conditioner :) especially these days, they will make you forget your present, for nearly an hour to bring you far away .... 
In some tracks, you can listen much particoular chords melodie alternate with crescendo rhythms, that make some tracks really easy to dance, or others 
with very long environments, soft and deep, with very suggestive details ... 

1. Orson Throb - Im from the space 06:24
2. Orson Throb - Scene 4 06:00
3. Orson Throb - Between heaven and earth 08:07
4. Orson Throb - It is pure love 05:52
5. Orson Throb - Do not are close 07:37
6. Orson Throb - Let us travel 07:52
7. Orson Throb - For my people 08:00
8. Orson Throb - Silent Cloud 06:09

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