czwartek, 1 sierpnia 2013

Asedub - Monotone EP

Release Date: 01 August 2013
Label: Insectorama

Insectorama presents the mathematics of detroittechno. it comes from Asedub with the Monotone ep. 3 perfect detroit techno tracks and 6 remixes in all forms of techno. remixes from Lab Matix, Jönsson Toll, Andrea Porcu , Perceptual Isolation, Reverb and Markus Masuhr.

Asedub - Monotone#01
Asedub - Monotone#02
Asedub - Monotone#03
Asedub - Monotone [Markus Masuhr Remix]
Asedub - Monotone [Lab Matix Reshape]
Asedub - Monotone [Andrea Porcu Remix]
Asedub - Monotone [Jönsson Toll Remix]
Asedub - Monotone [Perceptual Isolation Remix]
Asedub - Monotone [Reverb Attenuator Remix] 

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