piątek, 10 października 2014

Various - The Art of Falling Raindrops

Release Date: 24.05.2014
Label: Export Label

As a child I believed two things. I believed that if I ran in the rain fast enough, the raindrops would not hit me, and that the raindrops fall to the ground to the beat of music. Whether you believe it or not, I forgot about it for two decades, until one rainy day I listened to the fourth instalment of GoodNetlabels Compilation… Moved by the music, and reminded of these two childhood memories, I came up with the title for the compilation, one that evokes the atmosphere of that innocent time.

So how do raindrops fall, then? Can we call it art? Reason dictates that they fall down as the wind allows them to fall, but perhaps such an adult perspective is not the best one here, and perhaps it is better to use our imagination the way the artists who contributed to this outstanding compilation did? 

1. Kratos Himself - The Art of Falling Raindrops 04:09
2. Ghostpoet - Meltdown (Blossom remix) 04:58
3. Rusty Joints - Stay in The Moment 03:36
4. Nik Laker - In The Sky 04:02
5. Dr. Dundiff - On My Way 03:44
6. Ears - Great Leader 04:09
7. Eufoteoria - Oversleep (feat. Zaspał) 05:20
8. Lupid Ocampo - Day After 02:23
9. Maple Years - Wildflowers 02:54
10. Zen!th - Westway 03:38
11. Bluebells - Man Of Few Words 04:43
12. Cuefx Band - Fairplayer (live at Cracow) 06:56
13. Geomé-Trico - Silly Thoughts 05:56

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