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L'Orange - After The Flowers EP

Release Date: 09.10.2014

In the aftermath of L'Orange's 2014 album The Orchid Days, the After The Flowers EP is a warm vignette- a glimpse into life after the end of the world. Waking up to a surreal heavenscape, our tragic figure searches for his place somewhere between life and death. 

Expanding on the themes of love and loss, L'Orange teams up with artists Chuck Inglish, Meyhem Lauren, Red Pill and producer Amerigo Gazaway to bring us a stream of consciousness epilogue to his 2014 album The Orchid Days.

1. Waking Instructions (intro) 00:50
2. Entering The Silence feat. Red Pill 02:02
3. Vertigo Interlude feat. Chuck Inglish & Amerigo Gazaway 01:37
4. Wilting Away feat. Xiomara 02:08
5. Broken Clocks (inst.) 01:48
6. Grow feat. Johaz (of Dag Savage) & Blame One 02:26
7. Stop Growing feat. Meyhem Lauren & Billy Woods 02:06
8. The Great Comedian (inst.) 02:52
9. My Magic Is The Best Magic (inst.) 02:45

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