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Rhythm Baboon - Danzig In Da Ghetto EP

Release Date: 13.10.2014
Label: Polish Juke

One can hardly come across nowadays a music label striving to promote some form of sound- imagery and narration. Dance music – short, intense and pleasure-oriented – is usually limited to a simple model of noise, limiters and compression – tiny details disappear in the sea of overload and one-dimensional quality. The new 'Danzig In Da Ghetto' EP by Rhythm Baboon is breaking this flat and predictable surface of music reality adding to it new dimensions. 

Following the peaceful intro, ‘First In Your Heart’ reminds opening credits in a film – speeds up rapidly breaking into the mind with these mad keyboard sounds. Tension and anxiety break into the foreground – we are in an unspecified place exposed to some short-lasting flashes. ‘It’s Time To P’ presents the full soundscape panorama. We are in the distant future. There are no familiar points of reference. One can only hear a distorted robotic „voice”, pulsating sirens and synthesizer-like fraying of the new metropolis. ‘Ain’t No Dance’ transfers us exactly into the centre of the ghost-city. We can see randomly spread bits and pieces of the foregone technology – silicon and grapheme, the debris of something that reminds buildings covered with layers of new and completely unknown to us materials. Aggressively sounding messages can be heard everywhere – the ground is shaking from a low frequency thumping echo. ‘Danzig In Da Ghetto’ stretches out the final scene before us. In the huge post-industrial space, in the wall cracks, we can see some sick choreography of shapes, quasi-machines and hybrid silhouettes made up of the pieces of fallen civilizations. It all happens as if unintentionally, on the wave of temporary energetic affirmation resembling a post-apocalyptic dance macabre (Totentanz) which at some point just freezes into stillness and quietness. 

Rhythm Baboon has created a coherent and complete music whole in a very evocative and picturesque way. One can find here elements of industrial, the sounds of the electronics of the 90s, sometimes it refers to Nightmares on Wax („Aftermath”, „Biofeedback”). The apparent contradictions of the structure elements make up the power of the image (its density). This narrative futurism reverses the possible interpretation direction – paradoxically the music seems to compliment imagination generating spontaneous after-images (psychographs) and thus involuntarily becomes a dream score.

1. First In Your Heart 03:48
2. It's Time To P 03:19
3. Ain't No Dance 04:16
4. Danzig In Da Ghetto 02:49

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