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SpinOFF - Riscoperta Ep

Release Date: 03 September 2013
Label: SmashTales

Riscoperta is the SpinOFF’s debut ep for Smashtales. In this work the artist wanted to rework and rediscover (that is the translation of the Italian word “riscoperta”) some New Jack Swing tracks, genre that particularly influenced the producer in his musical growth and in his taste for the music research. The ep is crossroads between the classic hip hop approach to the beat and the electronic experiments, syncopathic and rapid rhythms typical of the footwork trend and harmonic tones through the future funk’s boost that characterizes all his productions. 

1. Keeping Secrets 03:21
2. Understood 03:11
3. W.I.O.T 03:14
4. Dislove (Feat. Miami Mais) 03:06
5. Jealousy 03:46
6. Understood (fuckowfski rmx) 04:01

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