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Cello Figaro - Concerto Grosso

Release Date: 2013

Minneapolis emcee/producer Cello Figaro has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, Concerto Grosso.

Inspired by the classical composition of the same name, the project packs a total of 17 original tracks, arranged in three “movements,” as well as two bonus tracks. Included are reader-approved singles “Stood Over Mis,” “The Loner’s Anthem II” and “Red & White Blues.”

Base Six, Bes Yet, Naomi Rahj, Travis Waller, Tyler Wrighteous and Qugo Boss make guest appearances throughout the set. In addition to boardwork by Figaro himself, it features production from Brandun DeShay, Masego Music, Soul Sounds and Tyler Righteous.

01.Outro [prod. Tyler Wrighteous]
02.YALR (You Ain't Living Right) [prod. Cello Figaro]
03.Uncivilized (ft. Tyler Wrighteous and Frank Murdock) [prod. Cello Figaro]
04.World In My Hands [prod. Tyler Wrighteous]
05.Everybody Else (ft. Bes Yet and Base Six) [prod. Cello Figaro]
06.Psycho Killer 2014 (ft. Travis Waller on guitar) [prod. Cello Figaro]
07.Red and White Blues (2nd Movement Begins) [prod. Cello Figaro]
08.Stood Over Mis [prod. Cello Figaro]
09.Lost, Don't Find Me [prod. Cello Figaro]
10.Sunny Days (ft. Naomi Rahj) [prod. Cello Figaro]
11.Good Intentions - Give You Hell [prod. Cello Figaro and Soul Sounds]
12.Awake [prod. Cello Figaro]
13.Yesterday (3rd Movement Begins) [prod. Cello Figaro and Masego Music]
14.Take My Keys [prod. Tyler Wrighteous]
15.Committed [prod. Tyler Wrighteous]
16.The Loner's Anthem II [prod. Brandun Deshay]
17.Cadenza [prod. Cello Figaro]
18.Psalms 0-55 (Remix) (ft. Qugo Boss) [prod. Cello Figaro]
19.Island of Misfit Toys [prod. Cello Figaro]

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