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Maffew Ragazino - Brownsville’s Jesus

Release Date: January 2014

Brooklyn rhymesayer Maffew Ragazino has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street album, Brownsville’s Jesus.

Presented in two sections titled The New Testament and The Old Testament, the project packs a total of 20 original jams from the Northeastern phenom. Included are reader-approved singles “Never Ran, Never Will,” “Box Office Smash,” “River Phoenix” and “Got 2 Love It.”

Action Bronson, Heems, Kool AD, Skyzoo, Spazz One, Torae, Troy Ave and more make guest appearances throughout the set, which packs production by the likes of !llmind, B!nk, Foreign Allegiance and Harry Fraud.

01.Brownsvilles Jesus - First Baptist Intro [prod. Vanderslice]
02.Beef Lomein (NRNWII) (ft. Spazz One) [prod. Jimmy Dukes]
03.La Cosa Nostra [prod. Jimmy Dukes]
04.Money Right (ft. Spazz One and Easalio) (Worldwide Paper Gang) [prod. Alex Lustig]
05.Hectic (ft. Spazz One) [prod. Paul Cabbin]
06.Eddies Couch [prod. Alex Lustig]
07.Avatar (ft. Action Bronson and Torae) [prod. Pete Cannon]
08.Hiluminati [prod. DJ Dister]
09.Dipset Forever [prod. Foreign Allegiance]
10.Amen (ft. Spazz One) [prod. Vinyl Frontiers]
11.Favourite Js [prod. Alex Lustig]
12.River Phoenix (ft. Easalio and Spazz One) [prod. BudaDaFuture x Grandzmuzik]
13.Friday [prod. Illmind]
14.Jane Fonda (ft. PUSH) [prod. ATG]
15.Got 2 Love It [prod. Bink]
16.Necessities (ft. Acenero and Easalio) [prod. NameBrand]
17.BK Accent (ft. Skyzoo) [prod. Fred Bear]
18.Jackson Pollock (ft. Himanshu x Kool AD) (Formerly Das Racist) [prod. Harry Fraud]
19.Box Office Smash (ft. Troy Ave) [prod. Jokey]
20.Never Ran, Never Will (ft. Spazz One) [prod. Optiks]

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