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Moki McFly - Keturi (EP)

Release Date: 07.11.2014

There should be as little space as possible between your eardrums and the pulsing diaphragm of the speaker trying to translate ethereal sound waves into vibrating pockets of air. one might consider wiring the bitstream of the output directly into the auditory cortex, thereby eliminating the inevitable distortions introduced by irregular vibrations of the eardrum. But such a brilliant invention is unlikely in my lifetime, so let's stick with the headphones.

Moki Mcfly is concerned with the fundamentals of electronic sound production. Sine waves, white noise, clicks, pops and beeps blurring the line of aesthetics that's jaggedly delicate, filled with melodic beauty but jostled by abrasive percussive hitches, undercut with sandpapery patches of ambient fuzz. It's a deft merging of gentle electronic tones and intricately free form rhythmic atmosphere, the sounds of old technology and the jazzy drive trying to reconcile its former gloss with its fading functionality.

But instead of celebrating corroded, neon-pastel magnetic-tape detritus for its own sake, the music on this album leans closer to an appreciation of the actual rhythmic counterpoints, quirks, and resonant qualities of frequencies. Alongside the moments that seem to revel in the flutter and crackle of old equipment are stretches that draw similar vibes from the sound of water to field recordings not to mention the texture you can get from good old-fashioned feedback. Yet even the moments where some songs feel secondary to the other instrumentation have a pulse to them, run through floaty guitars or humming synthesizers that converse with the ambient hiss in compelling ways. Still, neither the melody nor the ambience overwhelms the other. It's easy to hear the silky, billowy tones through the dying-battery distortion, but hard to picture what they'd sound like without it. Unlikely sounds are reappropriated and noise are looped until they’re essentially another instrument.

Primer 65
In Flux
Alpha Helix
Apostrophe Turning Away
Farewell To The Ark
Cartesian Dualism
Rosetta Stone
Aeons And Elementals

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