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Ogi feel the beat - "Write​.​" vol​.​3

Release Date: 20 January 2014

-" Dj Hellblazer has been busy since he initiated the Sinoptic International movement. Fresh from dropping the third installment of Pure Dopeness, here he delivers Write., the first in a series of releases intended to inspire. DJ Hellblazer delivers those dusty drums, the type that sound like they’ve been through alot, underlaying melancholic samples and melodic structures. There is an agenda with this tape though that goes beyond making some nice instrumentals. Write. wants you to write to it: whether you be an MC or a graffiti artist, write to this and send in your recordings or images of your graffiti to Sinoptic International, where it could be released. Future instalments will feature other producers a part of Sinoptic International." (LRCN, Word is Bond) 

1. Freedom (Intro) 04:00
2. Ghetto star 04:24
3. A woman with two faces (night) 02:25
4. Story about some little happiness ft. Milena Tomic 03:27
5. Panic in the downtown 03:10
6. Mysterious ways 03:23
7. School keeper 01:46
8. Be well 03:36
9. Emotions (Outro) 04:47

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