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Dj DeepWarmth - It Happened

Release Date: 02 February 2014

Dj DeepWarmth shows up on the label with our first release of anything close to House music. You might know Dj DeepWarmth better as DeepWarmth and this is a way to show that House music has a place in his style of music. Two Minimal House tracks are featured, and then 3 artists take over remixing duties from the likes of D'Bug'D, Substak and Zwei Kreise.

1. It Washes Away 05:37
2. It Never Was 05:16
3. It Washes Away (D'Bug'D Hight Tide Remix) 07:07
4. It Never Was (Substak Remix) 05:13
5. It Washes Away (Zwei Kreise Drone) 08:15

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