czwartek, 5 grudnia 2013

Sick Rat - Abstrapped (LP)

Release Date: 12 August 2013

After the debut "Mind The Rat" EP, Sick Rat drops another release with Dusted Wax Kingdom.
It's a unique trip-hop/sample-based free jazz album full of heavy weight beats and sharp sound collages.

Changing Times
Rat Visions
Handwritings In Perdido Street (feat. Sup Nasa)
Funf (feat. Scootie Jackson, guitar by Jenova 7)
Double Personality (feat. Vitality)
Rainy Thoughts
I Remember (feat. Jenova 7)
Don't Be Blue (guitar by Sphinnix)
A Tune From The Abyss
Panoramic Future
When Broken Wings Take Flight (feat. Ali G)

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