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Nick Wisdom - Missus Peel

Release Date: 10 December 2013
Label: Jellyfish Recordings

Missus Peel is the 4th release from hiphop/jazz beatmaker Nick Wisdom, who recently relocated to Montreal. This project is a collection of jazzy synth-filled instrumentals and features collaborations with rappers Moka Only, Solar Scenery & Jon Rogers, and fellow Montreal producer Pomo. Thick sub basslines and mellow jazz chord harmonies blend with heavy hip-hop drums, adding to an overall cosmic experience.

1. Missus Peel ft. Pomo 02:29
2. Demons 02:41
3. Giants ft. Jon Rogers & Solar-C 02:35
4. Beach Day ft. Moka Only 02:29
5. The Plateau 02:48
6. Dreamland ft. Moka Only 03:00
7. Anything 4 U ft. Amaris Daniel 02:18
8. Snoopin' Pt 2 ft. Eli Muro 03:07
9. Outkast - Ms. Jackson ft. Kendrick Lamar [Potatohead People Remix]

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