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Adam Kroll - The Evil That Men Do

Release Date: 31.03.2015

Polish born Adam Kroll, moved to Germany in 1981. After several years of pursuing his impulse for freedom and creativity, he finally ended up in Köln where he found the inspiration and appropriate atmosphere for producing electronic music. For the past 15 years Adam has been a free spirit, letting his artistic inspirations guide him through life and doing all he wanted to do, such as Drummer, Playing in bands, Sound Design, Label Owner, Live Set Player and Photographer. In the years 2000 he produced records with German techno stalwart labels Traum Schallplatten and Gush Collective and later even his own label named Squonk Records. Around 2008 he decided to retire from the techno scene to embark on a more spiritual journey. That's when he started to work on his Photography and Reggae project called Me & I. A bit later in 2010s he released an ambient album on Planet Terror Records and then a Dub project on Dubkraft Records. 

Today it's an honor to be able to work with such an experienced producer, and none the less, with him working on a new genre in his career, where you can obviously hear his influences as a Drummer, Dub producer, and his talent and virtuosity in sound programming and sampling. 

The cover is also created by Adam, it's a photo that was first exhibited in Köln at Galerie Display. Depicting Adam's best friend Rame, a spiritual man from Bali! 

The Evil That Men Do is a tribute to BillyDragon1's poetry who provided the words and the message on the track 'Evil' this EP is named after. 

Adam has such an amazing mind that we had a wonderful time picking his brain for this EP which is his introduction to the Urban Waves roster. He's got more projects coming and we'll be sure to follow his next steps closely. 

1. Ulalala 02:51
2. Evil 04:16
3. Slow Sister 03:27
4. Temptation 02:29
5. Arigato 03:46

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