niedziela, 1 lutego 2015

Blameful Isles - The Forgotten Continents EP

Release Date: 01.02.2015

Here's a bonus Digital EP by Blameful Isles made as a sophomore to all of you who liked last year's album "Then It's Not The End". A short yet powerful experience that will free your mind and help you think, meditate, love and explore your inner self like a journey through time and space. Remember that in dire times we thrive through spirituality. Stay true, be yourself, enjoy the ride and we'll see you on the other side.

1. Orbital Stardust 03:32
2. Light Parade 04:08
3. Odysséen 08:48
4. Aberrant Life-signs 01:44
5. Essence of Love 03:01
6. The Temple Watcher (Malignant Presence) 07:13

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