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PZG & Dubsknit - We Rob Rave LP

Release Date: 12.01.2015
Label: Polish Juke

At some point in 'I'M TRYNA TELL YA’, a documentary on Chicago footwork scene by Tim & Barry, DJ Spinn talks about the difference between Juke and Footwork. Juke - the genre stemming from Ghetto House - is a club music. On the other hand Footwork - the next evolutionary stage of House music was created for rivalry and dance battles. When DJs played footwork tracks dance floors would be taken over by competing in circles footworkers limiting at the same time the number of clubbers. In order to reconcile the two trends - entertaining and competing, the producers started mixing the two styles. Thus, juke-footwork hybrid was created as a natural consequence of dance music development. A similar pattern was observed in the case of another hybrid - footwork-jungle, or when Trancework compilation was released last year featuring footwork remixes of trance tracks. 

'We Rob Rave' album by two Polish producers - PZG and Dubsknit - is a similar experiment, an attempt at creating yet another style niche on the border of juke and footwork, and (in this case) rave. PZG and Dubsknit are reaching for the rave classics from the first half of the 90s enriching them with energy, humour and footwork lilt. 'Blame Kills You' is an epic reference to the Blame’s track released in Moving Shadow - 'Music Takes You'. 'Desirave' refreshes another classic hit by Ellis Dee - 'Desire' with its classic vocal sample 'Feelings of desire to go out and dance, Come take my hand boy' taken from Ruffneck and Cheri Williams’ ‘The Power - The Rhythm’. Break core sounding 'Forced Mass' is a reinterpretation of 'Take Me higher' Force Mass Motion. Genuinely footwork style - 'I Deal This Way' - reincarnates M&M and Rachel Wallace’s 'I Feel This Way'. 'Lenny Is A Hooligan' is a DJ Hooligan’s sample ‘Rave Nation’ compilation and Lenny Dee’s ‘The Dreamer’. We get a similar music jigsaw puzzle (together with the history of dance music) with 'The Juke Experience'. 

'We Rob Rave' is filled with quotations and reminiscences but is also something more than a well-concocted sentimental sample puzzle. It’s a genre bridge between two crucial places for the history of dance and electronic music, namely America and England, which once again became an active transfer of mutual exchange of idea and inspiration. PZG and Dubsknit’s Ravewerk pictures this situation perfectly. 

1. Blame Kills You 03:42
2. Desirave 03:55
3. Forced Mass 03:46
4. I Deal This Way 03:30
5. Lenny Is A Hooligan 03:28
6. Pacific 808 03:48
7. Sign Of Seven Life 05:28
8. Sorry Josh 03:51
9. Tell Me Why 03:28
10. The Juke Experience 03:12
11. Trip 4 Tha Moon 04:06

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