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Benncart - Excursions

Release Date: 01 May 2014
Label: 5:55

Nearly two years after his last offering, the chillwave-infused "I Feed on Hopes EP", Benncart returns with a brand new mini-album. The eclectic "Excursions" is made up of 9 tracks, which explore different spectra of styles, from leftfield hip-hop to bass music or house. Despite the wide range of gengres present, "Excursions" tends not to sound incohisive, as the tracks find their common denominators - calm, laidback melodies, warm synths and loads of crackling vinyl samples. Benncart's fondness of nostalgic musical past balances well with his fascination of what's modern, bridging the gap between the two (the housey lead single "Life of  Wonders" being a prime example). While combining experimentation with melodic songwriting the producer strived to avoid replicating the sound pallettes of myriad bedroom beatmakers, going for a style which he could call his own. Benncart enlisted two quests on the mini-lp - Cruz, a Wrocław mc known for his mind bending work with exceptional producer Zaspał, and Joannapple, vocalist from the Poznań-based band Donut. 
The main concept behind "Excursions", as the author points out, is travelling (and it's benefits) - be it spending hours upon hours in trains, buses and planes; or the kind that do not require a ticket, albeit brings the traveller closer to the oneself. 

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