wtorek, 14 lutego 2012

Miles Bonny - Very Close Friends

Release Date: 14 February 2012

"We don't want to present this special mixtape for those who think that Valentine's Day it's the one and only special day in the year when you can confess your feelings. We want to give it to those for whom this day it's just another opportunity (just like 364 others) to hug a loved one and look into the eyes which may reflect so well only yours. Eyes, which became everything for you - eyes of a friend, lover and the universe. It's music for you. Only true loving hearts can feel the pure sincerity and naivety of these vintage soul ballads which eventually will make this evening unforgettable...for closed friends...

30th mix in ritmo sportivo series
mixed live by Miles Bonny, soul singer and producer from Kansas City, US"

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